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Sales Acceleration Strategies Workshop
The Sales Acceleration Strategies for Sales Managers Workshop is training sessions designed to help sales managers implement proven strategies to optimize sales effectiveness, productivity and profitability. This program is based on  personal experience with well over 5,000 business-to-business sales forces, spanning twenty-eight years of success in helping sales teams improve their top and bottom lines.

The course includes:

  • Sales Effectiveness Planning Guide
  • Course Workbook
  • Sales Manager’s Toolkit
  • Four-hour Refresher DVD
  • Six months post-workshop coaching
  • Customized Action Plan
  • Twenty-two Instant Sales Meetings
  • Online Training

The workshop, class materials, additional training and coaching is available to Sales Managers for the one-time charge of $795 and Sales People for $295.00. There is no greater value in sales management training today.

Sales Leadership Forum
The Sales Leadership Forum is a one year membership that covers all employees of a given company. Membership includes access to all of the sales, sales management, marketing, and customer service online courses. Access is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Membership also includes attendance at the live webinars conducted by Gil Cargill and complementary enrollments in any public workshops or live sessions that I do at various locations around the country.

Sales Leadership Forum

DVD & Audio Presentations

Activation is Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.’s equivalent of qualifying. Besides merely qualifying an account, a sales rep must evaluate the prospect to ensure that it will be an efficient customer if closed, able to generate profits and commissions. We also discuss the process of negotiating decision-making criteria as well as establishing the all-important quid pro quos that the salesperson will utilize to evaluate the prospect’s progress through their cycle of change. Without understanding this fundamental concept of proactive selling, your representatives are doomed to selling to prospects that will buy in the wrong time frame, or not buy at all. This module and the lessons it contains will help your representatives shorten their sales cycles and improve their profits and commissions.

  • DVD
  • Audio CD

Data Collection
Collecting data to quantify the benefits that prospects receive from your products or services is critical to a proactive sales force. This module illustrates how to collect data and, more importantly, how to use that data to build an effective cost justification. It is impossible to sell to the economic buyer without having a proactive approach to creating cost justifying proposals. This module, in conjunction with our proposal writing module, helps your representatives fully understand the process of cost justification.

Demonstration & Presentations
This module explains the role of demonstrations and presentations in the sales cycle. Representatives often fall into the trap of using these selling tools inappropriately by turning them into product explanations, or worse, training sessions. This module will show how to make them into selling sessions instead.

How To Close 
Closing the sale is the most important ingredient in successful selling. Experience shows that many representatives are capable of getting large numbers of prospects ready to close, but they never ask for the order. This module shows that you must ask to get. It illustrates several different closing techniques, all of which have been proven successful over the years. The information in this module, combined with role-playing exercises, positions your representatives to successfully close more accounts.

Managing Your Time
Time is the most precious and the only non-renewable resource a sales representative has. This module gives salespeople a fast start into self-managing their time resource. It includes a series of homework exercises for completion after the training. Upon completing this module, salespeople will spend less time in the office and more time in front of customers.

The critical skill of negotiating contracts and relationships is discussed in detail in this module. Each participant will learn eight success strategies in winning negotiation sessions with important customers. This module will show how to negotiate those important accounts that your reps cannot afford to lose. It is critical that sales representatives engaged in selling to large and extremely important accounts complete these lessons.

Planning for Success
This module sets forth the basic plan necessary to succeed with Results Oriented SellingT. Here the student will learn to use templates and forms to create Perpetual Opportunity Lists, and calculate conversion ratios that compare activities to results. By learning to control the quantity and quality of their activities, salespeople learn to control results, and therefore can optimally invest their time and resources in revenue generating activities.

Our philosophy is that a proactive sales force must position itself to be everywhere, all the time. Any sales force is doomed to mediocre results if it does not prospect continually. This up-to-date, 1990’s module illustrates the philosophy of prospecting and presents 12 different techniques. Prospecting is a science that, unfortunately, has been misunderstood far too often by many representatives. This module makes prospecting easy and fun. Anything that is easy and fun will be done over and over again.

Sales Communications
The secret to appropriate selling is communicating accurately and succinctly with your customers. This module gives a concise presentation of techniques used to glean information from prospects on their purchasing plans. More importantly, it will provide strategic questions your reps can ask prospects, questions that have been proven to advance sales efforts. Using them will turn your reps from ones who tell a good story into true salespeople who sell!

Selling Services & Training
Many sales organizations can benefit from selling services and/or training contracts that complement their product offering. Unfortunately, many representatives do not sell these appropriately or aggressively enough. The difference between a profitable and an undesirable account relationship is frequently as simple as selling maximally profitable service contracts. This module stresses the fact that value-based selling must be the focus of these types of situations. This module will help your representatives gain those second sales, which will improve the profits generated from their activities.

Selling Through Seminars
This is perhaps the most cost-effective and profitable technique for prospecting. Due to its importance and significance, we have opted to present it in one cohesive lesson. Not only is the methodology and philosophy of seminar selling presented, but the student will also come to understand the entire process, from the point of deciding to conduct a prospecting seminar through its actual presentation.

The First Call
The old saying, “get off on the right foot” is never more important than in the profession of selling. Sales representatives too often make critical mistakes before the end of the first call, and since prospects usually don’t communicate this, the rep spends valuable time on a prospect that is not going to buy. This module will tell representatives what to look for and, most importantly, what to look out for. Thirteen fatal selling flaws that reps should avoid at all costs are discussed in this module. Salespeople will learn to determine if a prospect is qualified to continue selling to, and if so, in what fashion.

Tools for the Salesperson
In this module we deal with tools often overlooked by sales representatives in their effort to learn features as opposed to the benefits that those features deliver. Moreover, reps will gain a newfound appreciation for the value your organization offers with your products and services. Upon completion of all of the homework assignments, each of your representatives will be better prepared to sell your company, its products and services. These homework assignments not only perpetuate the training, but provide ammunition for additional sales opportunities. We encourage students to practice and rehearse the presentation of these tools in future sales meetings.

Understanding Change
At its root, the job of all sales forces is to initiate and facilitate change. This module helps your representatives understand, in a very real world fashion, the concept of change and the process human beings go through as they change. Through homework assignments, representatives will come to understand their own process of change. This will enable them to proactively initiate it with their customers. Time is also devoted to the possible pitfalls of incorrectly initiating the change process. Students will learn safety procedures that test the accuracy and timeliness of selling efforts as they pertain to encouraging the prospect to change.

Understanding the Sales Cycle
Here we introduce one of the concepts at the core of Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.’s success: Sales is a process, not merely a series of projects. This module details the process of moving a sales opportunity through the sales cycle, and teaches reps to identify their status in the process with each of their multiple opportunities, as well as manage those opportunities proactively. It provides the important lesson of discriminating between good opportunities and “nightmare” prospects who are likely to build unprofitable relationships with your representatives.

Writing Proposals That Sell
Do your proposals sell or tell? Experience shows that most proposals fail to comply with the basic rules of English and good salesmanship. This module breaks down into steps the process of collecting data, analyzing that data and then putting together a written selling argument. Last but not least, the all-important skill of cost justification is covered in detail in this module. Upon completion of this module, your representatives will be able to present documents that sell, even in their absence.

Sales Effectiveness Planning Guide
This guide is the equivalent of hiring us for a one half day needs assessment/evaluation session. Gil has written this guide to function as a self-examination of your organization’s sales effectiveness. In three to four hours of reading and reviewing, you will will be able to develop a systematic and prioritized approach to optimizing the effectiveness of